Why buy baby clothing in neutral tones?

At Podernovo, we are obsessed with earthy tones but why should you dress your baby in them? (Apart from… THEY’RE ADORABLE DURRR!)

Save those pennies!

We all know that babies are not cheap! Especially if you have more than one! Many of us will remember being forced to wear our older sibling’s hand-me-downs and I’m sure many of the mamas reading this (myself included) will be filling huge vacuum bags with baby clothes once our little one has outgrown them. But what happens when you’ve stored bags full of pinks, frills and bows and your next baby is a boy? Or vise versa… You have to buy a whole new set of clothes for your newborn which doesn’t come cheap. 


Baby clothing in neutral tones can be easily passed down from child to child despite gender, saving those pennies. Any child, regardless of gender, can also benefit if you were to donate your neutral baby clothes to charity!


Help the Environment

In the UK 350,000 tonnes of wearable clothes go to the landfill each year. Reusing those neutral pieces also prevents wasting baby clothes with little wear - so much more sustainable!

Here at Podernovo, we also stock lots of styles which have wide size ranges, elasticated waists and adjustable shoulder straps to ensure your baby gets the most wear out of our clothing.

Spread the cost

Stocking up on gender neutral tones for your little one during your pregnancy also spreads the cost, rather than buying lots of gender specific colours once the baby is born and/or the gender is revealed. 

Got a baby shower coming up?

Gender neutral baby clothing makes a perfect baby shower gift when the gender of the baby hasn’t been revealed. Lots of baby brands can make shopping for a neutral baby shower gift SO tricky, but we’re here to show that there are lots of dreamy shades and designs available to make that beautiful baby shower gift.

Start a dialogue

Dressing your little one in gorgeous neutral shades might just spark a conversation around gender stereotyping. Of course girls may well choose to wear pink and play with dolls and boys to wear blue and play with trucks, but it’s healthy for children, and parents, to know they don’t HAVE to!